As design became more computer-oriented, I began to miss the more sketchy design process. Then back around the year 2000, I stumbled across SketchUp at a Boulder, Colorado trade show. I was hooked!

Today, I love designing and drawing with SketchUp. It brings back the freedom that sketching used to provide. Practically everything I design is now done in SketchUp; I can produce client friendly sketches and construction drawings all at once!

Now it’s time to help educate all of you as to just what SketchUp can do for you. I sincerely hope that you enjoy attending the SketchUp Academy on the pages and videos here-in and that you can attend one of my monthly seminars being held all across the United States. Check out the Seminar schedule on the Home page. It’s my goal to make SketchUp fun and effortless through passing along my techniques, tips and shortcuts.

A practicing licensed architect, author and SketchUp educator; I have been a SketchUp user since Version 2. As such, I can be considered an expert in the field, incorporating SketchUp into my architectural design process on an ever-increasing basis where Cad has become less and less important in the production of new designs and construction documents and SketchUp is “taking over in a big way!”

I have been presenting “SketchUp for Professionals and Designers” seminars for over 3 years, with more than 25 presentations thus far and many, many more scheduled for the future. A series of seminars will be attended by many excited SketchUp’ers every month. The schedule is listed and always updated in the Seminar Schedule on this site. Check it out to see when we’ll be in your town.

Teaching SketchUp at a local North Carolina technical college as 24-hour continuing education sessions for over 6 years and presenting seminars provides me with a keen insight as to just what new and even experienced SketchUp users want to learn. The “how do I do this’s” and the “what can SketchUp do for me’s”, have had an impact on how I think about SketchUps possibilities. The direct one-on-one contact with students from all walks of life provides for a unique, hands-on experience that is being translated to the internet through this website, YouTube and live seminars all across the country.

Always striving to provide the best services available at a modest price, I naturally gravitated toward SketchUp. I now can provide my architectural clients with a unique perspective (no pun intended) of their projects. Now they can truly understand all aspects of the design and how the new environment will impact their daily lives. It helps me a great deal while developing my designs and my clients also benefit greatly. From homes, to offices, to medical, to restaurant projects SketchUp helps relay the important message to the right people. “Good design is important!”